independent individual and proffessional family services



 "Caroline's  gift lies in her ability to help clients confront challenges that need  to be tackled and enable them to resolve their issues with commitment  and energy"   Richard Wood, Leornian Consulting Edinburgh 2001 

 This  kind description of my work may seem rather out of date; I will not  recommend that I must have improved in the years until now, but say that  I hope I come fresh to each client and situation, with humour and  sensitivity, always bearing in mind this timeless and important  observation from Dr Leo Stone. 


"There is a loss of a sense of proportion about the human condition, a  forgetting or denial that few human beings are without some troubles,  and that many must be met , if at all, by old fashioned methods: Courage, or Wisdom, or struggle, for instance."

                                           Dr Leo Stone The Psycho-analytical Situation 


I  think if we keep this in mind on a daily basis, we may recognize that  we are actually not doing too badly in the circumstances; my short term  support may help to envigorate your own strengths.


The further pages hopefully give information on how I work.